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The Christian County Board of Health has established an independent process to receive, analyze, investigate, and resolve concerns related to the organization including anonymous concerns.  Employees, business associates, customers, or the general public may have significant, beneficial information that they are uncomfortable reporting directly to CCHD staff.  The following email address has been established to allow the transmission of such information.  Employees, business associates, and the general public are protected from retaliation for reporting violations to authorities, as defined in KRS 61.101.  General inquiries will not be responded to if sent through this email address.

Important: If you are seeking  general information on CCHD programs and services, medical records, birth/death certificates, etc. or would like to make an appointment please contact the CCHD by phone at 270-887-4160 or email Amanda Bassingthwaite, Public Information Officer at

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Hispanics are about __________ more likely to die from diabetes or liver disease than white (non-Hispanic) individuals. (Click below to see if you have answered correctly.)
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